This video from Dr Vanessa Ruspoli can let you know about setting achievable, realistic and positive goals, and how to take the first steps towards hitting them. It provides tips on getting the right support and framework put in place before you start on the journey towards making positive changes in your life. Showing this video to a friend may also help them make the changes they want to in their life, and you could support each other as you start to achieve your goals. You want to live a life that is positive and constructive, so assessing where you are and the obstacles you may face in the future is a great step to take. Dr Vanessa Ruspoli can help you through therapy and the use of CBT to achieve the goals you want to in your life. She has shown you this through her video. If you liked the video and want to know more information, visit Dr Vanessa Ruspoli’s website shown at the end of the video. Dr Vanessa is based on London’s Harley Street, and is a chartered counselling psychologist who could help you with setting out an achievable framework for your goals. This video gives you valuable information and steps to take to try and overcome the hurdles you’re confronted with in life.